There are 2 FDA approved tests, a molecular and serological test, better known as virus tests, and antibody tests respectively. Molecular tests, have two options an at home test or a nasal swab. The nasal swab is a 6 inch long swab that is placed up both nostrils and then sent to a lab. As of now serological tests, can only be done through blood sample, which is usually just a finger prick.


Many people get confused about the difference between these two tests. The result of a molecular test, tells the patients whether or not they currently have COVID-19. Unlike molecular tests, serological tests can identify people who were infected in the past and have recovered.

Testing Centers

Testing centers are hard to find due to the fact that most of the centers are popup centers. Below I have linked resources that can be used to find your nearest testing center.


Evive Care is a company that helps people in the USA find their nearest testing center by location, and it is currently available for 43 states.


Covid-19 Canada has all of the testing centers in Canada, and is filterable by province and municipalities.

United Kingdom

This article, lists all of the testing centers in the UK, and updates at a frequent rate.


The Indian Council of Medical Research has a map with all the testing sites in India, and updates on a regular basis. Click here to go to the website.