Vaccines Sorted By Phase

Vaccines Sorted By PhaseNumber of Vaccines in the Phase
Pre Clinical184 as of 4/25
Phase One25 as of 4/25
Phase Two15 as of 4/25
Phase Three17 As of 4/25
Phase Four
4 As of 4/25
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The table below sorts all the vaccines by the above platforms.Upcoming vaccines presented above are based on their current phases, however, they can also be grouped by the platforms they are in. There are eight vaccine platforms DNA, RNA, Inactivated, Non-Replicating Viral Vector, Replicating Viral Vector, Live Attenuated Virus, Protein Subunit, VLP, and Unknowns. The table below sorts all the vaccines by the their platform.

Vaccines Sorted By Platforms

Vaccines Sorted By PlatformNumber of Vaccines in the Platform
DNA 11
Inactivated 9
Non-Replicating Viral Vector 19
Replicating Viral Vector 14
Live Attenuated Virus 3
Protein Subunit51
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