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Websites To Visit

CDC– I would recommend going to the Center For Disease Control website for more information on what to do to prevent yourself from getting the virus and what to do if you feel some of the symptoms. This website most likely has all the answers to your questions about the virus.

WHO– The World Health Organization is a little harder to navigate than the CDC website, however, it makes up for that with the number of resources that it holds. It has a nice feature that lets you search for your question, rather than scrolling till you find it. This is a really good website for all information

NIH– The National Institute of Health is another amazing site to go to if you want more news. They have articles on the most topics COVID-19 related. You can find the latest research information from NIH by clicking here

Latest Information

As of April 25th, 2021 there are two vaccines, Moderna and Pfizer, that are being distributed. These vaccines require two doses within 21-27 days of one another. As of now in the United States of America 5 million doses of the vaccine have been administered. More information is to come on the vaccine and its side effects, however, as of now the side effects are not severe unless there is an allergic reaction to the vaccine.